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9 Main Benefits Of Kontiki Snap Together Deck Tiles

Snap together tile flooring is fast gaining recognition in home remodeling circles, due to the easy installation.

It is a practical and affordable option when looking at the different types of flooring materials.

Snap together tile flooring is available in anything from a warm, wood appearance, granite-look interlocking decking tile or porcelain snap together tiles.

Benefits Of Kontiki Snap Together Tile Flooring For Decks

  • This is floating floor technology. Snap together tile flooring is installed without any adhesive, cement or glue.
  • It is a floor that can be taken up again should the need arise.
  • The interlocking decking tiles can be arranged in a grid format that allows you to create unique patterning for your deck, patio, gazebo or for other living areas. The design is such that you won't have spacing headaches.
  • Kontiki snap together tile flooring doesn't require any special finishing or staining.
  • Maintenance is also claimed to be easy to manage.
  • The interlocking decking can be used on a variety of flat surfaces, such as a roof, balcony or outdoor deck.
  • They come with a PVC backing that makes for easy DIY installation, both indoors or outdoors.
Your Kontiki interlocking tiles (or snapping deck tiles) can be selected from options such as:

  • Granite Tiles in Sand Beige, Bright Gray or Dark Gray
  • Wood Decking Tiles in Parquet, Teak Wood Grain, Chocolate Wood Grain and Mosaic

    These days quality outdoor living areas are in high demand. A real wood appearance always helps to create a warm, down-to-earth ambience. It also goes well with window treatments such as outdoor bamboo shades or blinds. Almost any type of patio furniture can be displayed with great effect on wood. It is important to view a variety of samples before you decide if this kind of installation is right for you.

    Another type of snap together tile flooring is made with real porcelain tiles. These are bonded to a backing with a rubberized base. Here you will have to make use of a special grout that is made for this product.

    The main advantage of the wood decking tiles is that it can be a fun family DIY project to tackle over the weekend. It is much less labor intensive than some of the other flooring systems on the market and you don't need a whole bunch of expensive tools to complete it. One of the crucial aspects for success is that the sub floor should be solid and level. Any bumpy bits may cause problems later on.

    Snap together tile flooring seems to make it easy for the layman to design a pattern, to do self installation and to have elegant floors without all the costs normally applicable to standard flooring systems.