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Home Remodeling Tips And News

Many folks these days simply can't afford to move. The next best thing? Remodel or improve your existing home! If you tackle the right kind of project, you can add value to your home in the process.

Remodeling Magazine's annual cost vs value report can help you to get an idea of the possible investment return you can expect on a home remodeling project.

As technology evolves, many DIY home remodeling ideas are now within reach of even the most green novice, for instance the click-together laminate flooring lines available today.

If you plan to get a professional involved, do some careful homework beforehand so that you know exactly how to select a remodeling contractor and how to avoid the pitfalls it can involve.

Exterior home renovation projects range from humdrum gutter repairs to more exotic hot tub cover installations. Or authentic-looking fake rock siding may give your home a makeover in a short space of time. Roofing, sheds, patios, decks and gazebo's get their share of attention.

Your interior spaces could brighten up markedly as a result of a bathroom remodeling, cork flooring or laminate flooring installations or new granite kitchen countertop creations and other kitchen renovations.

Your family home facelift could of course also include decorating and design, attention to furniture, and fun with a variety of wallpapers and paint finishes and textures. Then there are all the magical appliances and electrical gizmo's, not to mention woodwork and garden accessories. Home remodeling can become a full time hobby if you are not careful! Just make sure that you can manage a project from A to Z. If you want a family feud to erupt, expect your family to live with a string of half-finished, messy undertakings...

If you want to spruce up the curb appeal of your home, there are countless ways to do this and they don't have to cost a fortune. Simply by adding a colorful awning or two, investing in interesting pots filled with colorful flowers, staining the deck railings, freshening up a walkway or installing some lighting you can make a huge difference.

Not sure if you can handle a project? Rather add a trustworthy contractor to the mix if you are not confident that you can finish it successfully. It will increase the cost, but a professional finish can pay dividends in the long run in terms of adding value to your property.

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Types Of Siding Materials

Times have changed. Heavy-duty equipment to add a natural stone siding exterior to your house isn't your only option any longer. These days you can consider from fake stone siding panels to river rock siding, cedar siding or even cement fiberboard siding.

Benefits Of Granite Tiles

How can you benefit from a granite tile installation?

Well, one of the countertop or flooring options that has become known for adding value to properties, is a granite tile installation.

Not only can you choose from a variety of classy shades and textures, but you can have the reassurance of some impressive benefits in terms of quality and durability.

In fact, granite tiles are so versatile and robust that they can even be used for your kitchen countertops!

The benefits of granite tiles include...
  • Being a super hard material
  • Suitability in higher traffic areas of your home
  • Resistance to fading
  • Resistance to heat
  • Being low-maintenance
  • Being impervious to temperature extremes

And, as granite tiles are totally natural, you can also expect natural color and pattern variations, making each installation unique.

Tips for Installing Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring has become a favorite of many do it yourself enthusiasts. The latest click-together floating floors are simple and gratifyingly quick to finish. The quality of the planks in ranges such as Pergo and Armstrong is such that the flooring may give you pleasure for many years. You can now even get an authentic natural slate tile finish, complete with realistic looking grout lines.

Imagine having a gleaming, elegant, functional floor within as little as a day!
Tiles For Floors, Showers And Kitchens

Tiles will probably always be on your list of possible DIY home remodeling ideas. Many of the tile options available offer hygienic installations for bathrooms, showers or kitchens. The right choices are robust and easy to keep clean. Many of them come at quite affordable prices and in a huge range of colors. Home buyers often are all eyes when it comes to inspecting the kitchen or bathrooms. A fresh, updated look here can make all the difference when selling your home.

Other Types Of Flooring Materials

Now we can look at all the other flooring installations that are possible. Some are particularly attractive for folks who are keen to keep the environment in mind. Eco-friendly options include bamboo and cork. Most of these are also available as click-together planks.

A Quartz Or Granite Countertop Installation In Your Kitchen
Outdoor Sun Shades For Patios, Porches And Decks

If you want to improve the curb appeal of your property, one of the most practical ways is through a variety of outdoor sun shades for your patio. Through the installation of colorful, retractable canvas awnings such as those by Durasol Awnings or Sunbrella Awnings, you can change the whole atmosphere of your outdoor entertainment areas. Coordinate these with your patio furniture for spectacular results. You can also consider the Coolaroo, NuImage, Sunsetter, or Sunair brands.

Awnings, Blinds And Window Shutters

If your home improvement loan won't stretch to accommodate awnings, you can still look at the other end of the spectrum and consider installing outdoor bamboo roll up shades or one of the other popular types of window blinds. Many of these add warmth and can be quite durable if you install them in an appropriate spot outside.

These door and window treatments all have the potential to enrich your family's quality of life, by offering protection from the elements and adding comfort to your entertainment areas.

This is just a small sample of what you can expect in terms of DIY home remodeling ideas here. I hope you will enjoy browsing through all the articles. You are welcome to check back from time to time, as remodeling news will be added regularly.