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11 Tips For Choosing Offset Outdoor Umbrellas As Sun Shades For Patios

Sun shades for patios or a screened porch can be chosen from a whole range of options. These include offset patio umbrellas, a rectangular model with tilt, side post umbrellas, fixed to the wall outdoor designs, etc. One example of these is the 10' Offset Market Umbrella by International Concepts.

Patio umbrellas truly come in all shapes, sizes and shades. The 2 most popular types probably are the eight rib umbrella and the hexagonal six rib version. Many dealers offer other unique shapes such as square, oval or rectangular.

You can even get a model such as the Southern Patio 8.5' solar umbrella, with solar powered LED lights on the ribs and in a center cluster. How's that for making for pleasant evening entertainment on your patio? The batteries charge during the sunny days.

Where will these sun shades be most useful?

Offset or cantilever shade options are well equipped for shading larger outdoor areas. These are particularly useful if you have a patio, porch or deck that offers a view you do not want to have obstructed by a center pole. They will enhance your outdoor entertainment area or provide cover next to a swimming pool.

What's Great About The 10' Offset Market Umbrella by International Concepts

  • Side-mounting, so there will be no center pole in your way
  • Can be used if your outdoor table doesn't come with a center umbrella hole
  • Colorful
  • Brings a stylish touch to your outdoor entertainment area
  • Won't obstruct your view
  • Comes with a top air vent
  • Tilting 48mm steel pole, plus crank for easy opening and closing
  • Can be moved to wherever you need it

5 Benefits Of Offset Or Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

  1. Many of these umbrellas can be tilted and/or rotated, allowing you to throw shade where it is needed most.
  2. What usually happens on your porch or deck? You have a splendid-looking umbrella, but in order to keep it upright, you need to position it into the hole in the center of your patio table. The result? The shade barely reaches the chairs around the table. With an offset design, this scenario changes drastically, as the pole does its supporting act at the side of the umbrella. This leaves the whole shaded area open for your guests or family!
  3. As there is no center pole, you can arrange your patio furniture to suit your needs. You don't have to place a table underneath the umbrella if you don't wish to do so.
  4. These sun shades often offer robust fabrics that can take quite a beating when it comes to the elements.
  5. Your view is undisturbed, as the offset pole of the umbrella can be placed behind you!

11 Tips For Choosing Offset Patio Umbrellas

  1. This type of covering or sun shade for a patio should be chosen according to their capacity for low maintenance, durability and heat reflective capacity.
  2. You need to ensure that both the poles and arms of your patio or porch umbrellas are of top quality. Good choices include powder coated aluminum or real hardwood. This goes for the ribs as well.
  3. Crank lifts with steel cables will generally be more effective than the cheaper nylon cords.
  4. An umbrella arm should provide such flexibility that you can tilt them, twist them and shift them, allowing for 360 degrees of rotation. This should give you the best shade coverage.
  5. Tilt mechanisms of offset outdoor umbrellas must be of sound engineering, but must also be extremely user friendly to ensure easy handling.
  6. Bases should be strong enough to ensure stability, even in bad weather. Bases can often be filled with sand or a mixture of sand and water to add weight and thus improve stability.
  7. The design presents you with the most in terms of freedom if it does not have a center pole and has a double roof with air vent.
  8. Cost shouldn't be your only consideration when choosing sun shades for patios. Low pricing may sound great, but if inferior materials are used, it could be costly in the long run.
  9. Opt for a reputable manufacturer (even if it costs a bit more) in order to be sure that the warranty will be honored, should a problem develop down the line. A longer term warranty obviously gives you more protection.
  10. Offset outdoor umbrellas should be easy to maintain. Check for one that can handle all the stuff the elements throw at it. Good quality UV resistant material will add to durability. This is where the warranty can be an indication of quality.
  11. Ask questions about possible fading of the fabric over time. This may be most important if you opt for bright colors in your umbrella. Remember that the fabric will be exposed to lots of direct sunlight. Depending on the quality of the fabric, it may be safer to choose something like beige, rather than red or navy.

As folks find it harder to sell properties and move to a new location, they are looking for ways to enhance the outdoor areas of their existing properties. Sun shades for patios can help to do this in a fairly affordable way.

Rectangular patio umbrellas with tilt and offset patio umbrellas are just two of the many options designed to improve your family's outdoor living experience.

From Rika Susan's home remodeling desk.