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5 Top Benefits Of Outdoor Shades For A Screened Porch

Image: Simon Howden /

Outdoor shades for your screened porch are far more than just another luxury. The right choice of shades can transform outdoor areas with benefits from sun protection to privacy.

You can research a variety of materials before choosing your outdoor shades for a screened porch. Perhaps you just want to keep to cheap outdoor bamboo blinds, or you may want the benefits of woven fabrics or room darkening mini blinds. Window sun shade screens come in all shapes and sizes!

5 Benefits Of Outdoor Shades For Screened Porch

1. Comfort

You may be able to enjoy your porch, gazebo, pergola or patio to a larger extent, as you will be more comfortable with window sun shade screens in place. As the sun will be blocked to a certain percentage, depending on your choice, you should be cooler. Glare may also become less of an issue. If you choose a woven fabric or bamboo, you will still have good air circulation.

2. Energy Savings

A biggie is that you may very well find that your air conditioning costs decrease. Outdoor shades for a screened porch can cut this by a huge percentage - in some cases more than 50%!

3. Furnishing Protection

As damaging sun rays will be limited, you can find that your furnishings last longer. There won't be as much fading or fabric deterioration. Colors should remain brighter for longer if you choose a quality product.

4. Atmosphere

You will be able to play with textures and colors, creating the atmosphere your desire. Perhaps you like the natural wood look of outdoor bamboo blinds. Or you may prefer a light and airy feel of sophistication. Another option is bright colors to give your patio, porch or gazebo a much-needed lift. You are sure to find something that will complement your current furniture and furnishings.

If you can afford something more expensive, Sunsetter awnings or one of the other retractable awnings may be your choice.

5. Privacy

How about getting maximum privacy, while still being able to enjoy your view? This is what can happen with outdoor patio blinds. You can opt for outdoor shades for your screened porch that allow for various levels of openness. This means that you can decide how much light you want to keep out or allow in. You do this by opting for a more or less open weave in terms of the fabric. Also remember that, generally speaking, darker colors are often more effective when it comes to keeping heat out and reducing glare. You may also experience better visibility to the outdoor area with darker shades.

Make sure you get window sun shade screens that are known to be mildew resistant. It should also be robust enough to take what the elements throw at it from season to season. A good warranty from a reputable company is another indication that outdoor shades for a screened porch offer lasting quality.