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What Is Travertine Tile? Travertine Tile Bathroom Ideas And Samples

Travertine Tile Samples Kesir Travertine Tile image. Copyright: Builddirect
What is travertine tile?

This has become one of the most popular natural stone tiles available today. As it is a type of limestone, it is sometimes known as travertine limestone. It can even be mistaken for marble!

Travertine tile bathroom ideas and pictures depict earthy, luxurious scenes in shades of tan, ivory, gold and cream. These tiles can also do very well in kitchen settings, as wall coverings or outdoors as patio paving.

What Types Of Travertine Tile Finishes Are Available?

Travertine tiles come in a variety of finishes. Your choice depends on the type of ambience you would like to create.

If you are keen to have an installation with a very rustic feel, the tumbled finish may be your best option. This gives you the feel of natural stone. It will however not reflect much light. As a bathroom idea, tumbled travertine tiles will create a picture of old-world elegance.

If you want better light reflection, you may prefer a smooth, polished finish. Honed travertine has a matte appearance, but is also more smooth. Your fourth option is a brushed finish, which is also textured.

Remember that this is a natural stone tile installation. Unless you choose the smoother finishes, there will probably be some pitted holes in the stone.

Tumbled Travertine Tile Bathroom Ideas

If you are a down-to-earth type of person, you probably love the look and feel of natural stone. Does this sound like you? Then Kesir Tumbled Travertine flooring is one of the options available to you if you. When it comes to choosing a backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen, travertine can also be used. Kesir Tumbled Travertine is a first grade line of products. The Kesir brand also comes in mosaics and in antique patterns. The tiles can also be used in small bathrooms.

Generally speaking, a newly tiled bathroom can be a strong selling-point if you are planning to put your property on the market. With Kesir Tumbled Travertine, you can create a warm, classic or old-world look. What on earth is tumbled travertine? The tumbling process is what give these tiles their softly rounded edges and slightly antique appearance. The textured surface is superb for creating an earthy feel. Remember that this type of tile will give you more of a matte finish.

A benefit of a Kesir Tumbled Travertine installation is that this finish may withstand the daily spills and mishaps that often occur in bathrooms. For use in showers, experts usually recommend a good sealer to prevent water absorption and to keep maintenance to a minimum. If properly sealed, water spots on your bathroom backsplash shouldn't be a problem.

What Are The Main Pros And Cons Of Travertine Tile?


  • One of the main reasons for travertine's popularity in bathrooms and kitchens, is because of its anti-microbial quality. This makes it a fairly hygienic option.
  • Travertine performs well indoors as well as outdoors.
  • If your family has allergy issues, a smooth travertine tile surface will be far less likely to collect dust and other allergens than carpeting.
  • Travertine is fairly resistant to chips over time. It is possible to fill small chips with grout, if a mishap should occur.
  • The tiles can be buffed if necessary, although this isn't something you would want to do too often.
  • Because of its availability and durability, a travertine installation is seen as one of the green flooring options.
  • These tiles can be installed in residential areas, but are also robust enough for commercial use.
  • It requires a bit more in terms of maintenance than ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles. This is as a result of the porous nature of this natural stone.
  • You will need to seal the tiled surface from time to time, to protect the installation.
  • Even after sealing the tiles, you still need to be careful about spills, especially when it comes to acidic liquids. These include wine, vinegar and citrus juices. Spills must be wiped up as soon as possible to prevent staining.
  • You need to make very sure that your choice of tile will be slip-resistant.
  • If you want a professional finish, it is wise to make use of a contractor for installation. Special tools are required to do the job properly.
Make sure that you get the recommended cleaner from your supplier. This is crucial to maintain the natural beauty of the stone. Abrasive or acidic cleaners are a clear no-no. Do use plain old common sense when it comes to protecting your tiles. For instance, in a bathroom you could use a tray or basket to hold all your beauty products or toiletries.

Can I make it easier for you to come up with your own travertine tile bathroom ideas or kitchen designs? How about getting some free samples to have in your hand when doing your planning? In this way, you can see the shades and run your hands over the texture.