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Types Of Siding For Homes - Western Red Tongue And Groove Cedar Siding Samples

Exterior Wood Siding Picture
Are you looking at all the different types of siding styles? Will wood cladding be a good choice for your home?

Each siding style comes with its own unique set of pros and cons, shading possibilities and textures. These should all be considered, before you make a buying decision.

Luckily the days of having expensive natural stone as your only choice, are long gone.

Other popular house cladding options you could look at include Cerber Fiber Cement, manufactured stone veneer or faux stone siding and then, of course, wood siding.

Western Red tongue and groove Cedar siding not only looks warm and inviting, but comes with a number of other benefits.

One of the first things folks notice, is its rich reddish hue. Can you imagine your home's exterior walls clad in such a totally new look?

In this article, I will focus on the main benefits of tongue and groove Western Red Cedar siding, as well as the bevel and channel versions. I will also introduce you to 2 of the other materials on the market.

8 Pros of tongue and groove Western Red Cedar siding

  1. You can expect the elements to throw their worst at your home from time to time. If the application of cedar siding has been completed according to the instruction, it should be able to withstand all sorts of weather nasties, from wind to hail.
  2. This type of siding is claimed to be highly resistant when it comes to decay.
  3. It is also very resistant to pests.
  4. Over time, the wood ages into a beautiful silver gray shade.
  5. It can be stained, if you prefer a unique color.
  6. Cedar siding offers good insulation. If properly installed, you may be able to see a shrinking energy bill over time.
  7. The texture of wood is always aesthetically pleasing and should give your home a warmer look.
  8. The bevel and channel planks can be used as exterior siding, while the tongue and groove line is suitable for both exterior use and interior wall paneling.
  9. You can tackle this installation as a DIY project, but if you are inexperienced, it may be wise to invest in a good contractor to do the job for you.
To get more familiar with the color and texture of these remodeling products, you can order cedar samples online (free at the time of writing).

Other Siding Styles And Materials

Cerber Cement Fiberboard Siding

Not sure if wood is right for you? Well, with Cerber Cement Fiberboard siding, you can easily get a simulated wood-like look! In fact, you can even specifically choose Cerber rustic fiber cement siding in a variety of cedar finishes! How about these?

  • Western Red Cedar (straight edge shingles)
  • Redwood
  • White
  • Blue Lava
Other wood-look choices
  • Old Cherry
  • Rosewood
  • Summer Wheat
  • River Rock
  • Oyster Shell
You can also choose straight edge shingles, if you prefer.

When it comes to cement siding, reviews highlight the durability and the fact that insects won't get a hold on the material.

Another benefit is that it is highly flame-resistant.

Cerber Cement Fiberboard siding can save you both money and effort in the long run, as it is a low maintenance product. It requires no staining or sealing.

Black Bear Stone Veneer Siding Panels

Natural stone will always look great, but is expensive and heavy enough to require special equipment during installation. With Black Bear stone veneer siding panels, you can be sure of affordability and the manufactured wall cladding is light enough to handle with relative ease.

Black Bear faux stone panels are durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather and comes in a range of shades.

Check these out, to see the colors and textures for yourself:

Ledgestone Collection in Mossy Creek
Quik-Stack Collection in Chardonnay
Quik-Stack Collection in Almond Buff
Quik-Stack Collection in Mahogany
Ledgestone Collection in Granite
Hackett Collection in Almond Buff

Alternatively, you can consider Stoneworks stack stone wall cladding. This faux stone line is manufactured from polyurethane, making it another lightweight option. Depending on the mold used, Stoneworks can also simulate brick patterning or a rock finish. The stack stone wall cladding will give you a highly textured finish. It comes in Chateau, Camelot, Bastion and Manor.

Whether you opt for tongue and groove Western Red Cedar siding, Cerber Cement Fiberboard Siding or Black Bear Stone Veneer siding panels, you will be changing the appearance and curb appeal of your home virtually overnight. If you make sure that the job is done professionally, remodeling with any type of siding may add value to your home in the long run.