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Pros And Cons Of An Unfinished Bamboo Flooring Installation

Are you an individualistic person with a unique taste? Unfinished bamboo flooring may be just the thing for your home renovation. You can have the flooring installed, and then finish it exactly to your liking. Unfinished bamboo flooring features square-edged planks, leaving minimal space between the planks. In contrast, finished floors have beveled edges that give them more of a real wood look.

A company such as Far East Flooring offers lines that are finished after installation. OS Color or a floor stain or sealant product is used. Finished floors are coated with polyurethane at the factory, sealing the material completely. With the unfinished product you have the last word, matching your floor covering to your decor.

Some of these unfinished bamboo floor ranges comes with a mixture of plank lengths. This enables the home owner to experiment with different layouts and to create a natural looking floor. If you want a darker floor, opt for a carbonized line. You can create a floating bamboo flooring installation. If you prefer, the floor can be glued or nailed to the subfloor. Where the finish is added after installation, the recommendation is that you call in the help of an expert home improvement contractor. This will ensure that you get a professional-looking, lasting finish.

If you decide to choose a finished line from a company such as Westhollow Bamboo Flooring, make sure that the manufacturer makes use of environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic.

Just remember that, if you opt for unfinished bamboo flooring, your warranty won't include coverage on the finish. This is why it is so important to make sure that the job is handled by a professional.