Many years ago, a kitchen pantry was present in every home. This was the room where people would store their fruit and vegetable crops, the barrels of flour, and even meat. Many times, the food stored in the pantry would be needed to last over the winter. These days, most people have year-round access to a supermarket or grocery store. The kitchen pantry has become little more than a cabinet.

The idea of a kitchen pantry is still great for the modern age, however. With today’s busy lifestyle, a pantry makes it possible to extend the time between trips to the market. It also can save you a lot of money on your groceries.

Organizing the Pantry

Most homes do not have a whole separate room that can be turned into a kitchen pantry. And, in reality, most people would not give up a whole room if they did! A kitchen pantry can be kept in the cabinets of your kitchen if your storage space is large. If not, however, you can use shelves in a garage, shed, or closets for your kitchen pantry. You can even use large rubber or plastic boxes pushed under beds for part of it. Instead of in one room, your kitchen pantry may be spread out over the house!

Wherever your kitchen pantry is located in your house, you should organize it based on the type of product that goes there. Having a jumbled mess of a pantry will not help you. Canned food should be organized by type: fruit, vegetables, soups, pet food, etc. If possible, keep each individual type in the same row or pile. Boxed foods such as pasta, cereal, and crackers should be stored inside in sealed containers so they do not attract insects of vermin. These fit great in large rubber tote boxes. Toiletries should also be stored together: toothpaste, toilet paper, and shampoos and deodorant.

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How to Save Money with Your Pantry

After figuring out what goes where, and putting your current stock of groceries in their places, you must learn how to use your kitchen pantry for maximum savings. The trick is in combining grocery coupons with in store sales, and buying multiples.

You might already use coupons and shop sales to save money. That is great! But, if you buy just one item at the low price, you will not be saving as much money as you could.

If a can of soup, usually $2.00 each, is on sale for three cans for $4.00, and you have coupons for $0.50 off a can, you can get those three cans of soup for $3.50 instead. That is just $0.83 each for soup that would normally cost $2.00. A great deal. Now, what if, instead of buying just those three cans of soup, you bought twelve? That is an overall savings of more than fourteen dollars and you will have soup for a couple of months.

Creating a kitchen pantry will help you save money on groceries. It will also give you peace of mind that you will always have something good to feed your family without having to run out to the store. Like they did in years long past, you will be able to rely on your kitchen pantry. The money it will save on groceries can help you improve your quality of life as well.

Photo by Nadia Pimenova on Unsplash